Material Systems Inc


Materials Systems Inc. (MSI), an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, develops and manufactures sub-systems, components, and advanced materials for defense and commercial systems customers. Their products include sonar and industrial ultrasound transducers.

I was most concerned about IRS exposure from using the R&D Tax Credit, but the fact that H&K committed to stand behind their analysis and defend us to the IRS at no extra cost in case we are audited convinced me that using the R&D Tax Credit was worthwhile. I am glad that we did – it has saved us a lot of money already. The biggest benefit to MSI was the immediate R&D Tax Credit benefit that we obtained from our first H&K Tax Credit audit, plus the remaining tax credits that we were able to carry forward years when we are subject to Alternative Minimum Tax. These credits are not lost and our refiled past tax returns have passed muster with the IRS to date. Definitely worth doing.

Les Bowen, President MSI