Our Core

At the core of Hull & Knarr is a passionate group of individuals.

Passionate about what? Pretty much anything with a high cool factor (read FUN).

Highlights include cycling, action sports, auto racing, consumer electronics, music, etc; and we love to work with companies who share similar passions through their daily innovations. We use our diverse backgrounds and personal interests to leverage and multiply our talents to achieve the common vision of being the very best at FUELING INNOVATIVE BUSINESS.

We are degreed engineers, CPAs, and somewhat “serial entrepreneurs” that possess a highly technical knowledge in one area of the tax code: The Research & Experimentation Tax Credit. We find our fun in helping innovative companies advance their technologies by getting the most out of every dollar they invest into their R&D.

We’ve built our reputation on frank discussions and controlling expectations while maintaining an audit record that has sustained over 98% of research tax credit amounts claimed and audited.

The Hull & Knarr process is intentionally designed to integrate into each of our client’s individual financial strategies. Whether it be short-term cash flow, long-term growth, or acquisition, our pledge is to come back year after year to capture contemporaneous documentation and take on the burden of audit defense of our work when necessary.

Why are we better? Because this is all we do (and frankly, our industry-leading audit record says so).